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Medicinal Uses

Garlic is an ancient plant that is distinctive because of its often harsh aroma, although it becomes highly flavorful when cooked, and is regularly consumed in many Western diets in the form of pasta and other Italian dishes, where garlic is commonly added as a seasoning. Garlic itself, however, is also very healthy through its organic sulfur compounds that make garlic into a natural purifier that helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Some of the other benefits include antibacterial and anti fungal effects on the body, building the immune system, and helping the body eliminate various foreign elements. These benefits can be directly utilized through a cup of garlic tea.

Garlic tea is a somewhat stringent tea that is made by simply steeping crushed garlic cloves in boiling water, and also adding about half of the juice of a crushed lemon that helps to cut into the stringent taste. Further sweeten to enhance the palatability of the garlic tea, and then drink. This will provide a concentrated dosage of the garlic’s medicinal qualities, and as an herbal remedy the tea is a favorite among those who are fighting various types of infections or sicknesses, as garlic’s natural antibacterial properties can knock out secondary-infections that arise from colds or flu.

Garlic tea acts as a detoxifier through many of the vitamins, as well as the sulfur found within it. Some of these vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin C, B1, calcium, copper, iron, and zinc. This is a major assortment of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, essentially turning the tea into a high-powered, totally natural multi-vitamin. In addition, garlic also contains selenium that helps with the detoxification of heavy metal buildup such as mercury that sometimes accumulates in the body over many years. In addition to the consumption of garlic tea, many of these benefits can also be added to your diet through the consumption of roasted garlic gloves that often taste very good.

It’s the detoxification properties that make garlic tea into an ideal tea to be added to part of a colonic cleansing diet, or it could also be implemented as part of a supplemental diet designed to naturally imbue your body with essential nutrients and vitamins. Garlic has been used medicinally for thousands of years, and thus represents one of the oldest and most time-honored herbal remedies available. Speak to your health care or nutritional health expert for advice about implementing garlic into a wider detoxification process for your colon.

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