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Garlic Tea Benefits - Medicinal Qualities of Garlic

Garlic is one the most potent and nutritious natural ingredients that you can find, and it’s readily available at most supermarkets. Garlic is commonly eaten whole through the roasting process or ground and applied as a seasoning to countless Italian dishes. Unlike many other root vegetables, garlic is considered both a vegetable and also an herb. It’s far more potent than many other similar ingredients. Garlic has been implicated in the reduction of cancer, as well—with independent studies by organizations like the Iowa Women’s Study linking garlic intake with decreased risk breast, intestinal, and other cancers. The powerful health effects of garlic can be also utilized in liquid form through garlic tea or garlic oil capsules. Garlic tea benefits include vitamin supplementation as well as bodily detoxification.

The many health effects of garlic stem from the cocktail of vitamins and minerals that garlic contains, ultimately adding to the potent nature of the herb. Garlic tea benefits include the vitamins A, B1, C, zinc, calcium, copper and iron. In addition, garlic is loaded with sulfur and selenium. Combined together, this represents a potent myriad of healthy ingredients added directly to the body. Creating garlic tea is fairly easy. Simply filter garlic cloves through a strainer while adding about 8 oz of hot water. The can be rather stringent, and it’s recommended to also add a good deal of lemon juice to the mix to lessen this aspect.

Garlic tea benefits include many natural detoxification properties. Both the sulfur and the selenium work to remove foreign agents inside of the body, including heavy metals like lead and mercury that may accumulate in the body. For this reason, people have implemented garlic into their diet for many years as a way of not only preventing toxic buildups, but to help purify the body. However, one of a few side effects of garlic usage is that it can change your body odor in a negative way. You may want to warn your significant other!

Garlic tea and other garlic dietary options are frequently used as part of a colonic cleansing process. The many vitamins and minerals associated with garlic are a perfect way to help send toxins through your body. Consult with a nutrition expert for information about beginning any herbal supplement. With some careful planning, you can enjoy the garlic tea benefits on your body. However, discontinue usage if garlic begins to create abdominal upset or other digestive problems. It’s best to take herbs like garlic with moderation and a level of supervision.

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